Monday, March 15, 2010

Challenge Outfit: 4 times they are a changin'

Maybe with a cropped blazer? But, since I don't have one of those I went with this one.
I paired the skirt with a white tee, black blazer, black fringe necklace, and black shoes.

I'm really not so sure about this outfit- I feel that it makes me look shorter than I actually am. But it is pretty comfy.


  1. I like the simple neutrals with the bold necklace!
    I agree something cropped might work better on top, since the skirt is rather full. Perhaps a cardigan, and if it's long you could tuck it in?

  2. Oh yeah! I'll try that! I didn't think to tuck it in. I went with the blazer rather than cardigan to make it more office friendly- but maybe outfit 3 with that skirt I'll do a cardigan : )

  3. Oh, I think you look adorable! I would wear that in a second. And stay tuned, I'm posting the items I've picked later today!

  4. I love the zipper on your skirt! I'm always worried about making myself look short too (especially because I'm only 5'3" to begin with!)