Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Challenge Outfit: # 8 Peggy Sue

Oh, geez I am so behind- today was my deadline for my twelve outfits- but I see that like in the college days, I will need to grant myself and extension. Yes, I went to one of those liberal artsy women's colleges.

Going into the challenge, I didn't realize I was going to get - hey crazy lady - looks from people for wearing the same thing to work. Um, it's nothing out of the ordinary from me- it's just that you know, when I wear the same black slacks to work in a week, no one notices that! These pieces however, are kind of loud, so I had to throw in some other outfits into my daily rotation.

Today I cheated a little. I didn't wear this outfit to work, but put it on after work- which is really when the fun part of the day begins anyhow.

I was striving for a mid-century cocktail party vibe. And, yes I am wearing the bumpit - to give my wimpy hair a beehive-ish look.

I paired the skirt with black kitten heeled wedges from Target, and a black top by Tibi, that I bought on sale (years ago now) at a boutique down the street, McMullen. This boutique has dream clothes! Seriously. The wearing of black with the bright pattern came from a comment suggestion-and even though the skirt pattern has navy in it, it works. This could work for hosting a dinner party right? It's missing some kitchy clip on earrings, a Martini glass, and Sergio Mendes playing in the background.

I have been reading on many a blog- other gal's spring wish lists. I started to think about what I've learned so far from this challenge (what I need in my closet to make everything work) or, what items I have that I need to replace - (worn in shoes- stretched out sweaters) I am hoping to come up with a wish list of sorts using that. But, there are also some items I just selfishly selfishly want:

Ray Ban Cats

This Secrets of Charm Dress

These Rachel Comey Heels ( Though they are not made in my size!)

I'm pretty confident I can find items like these- though I may just break down and buy the actual sunglasses. I know I have a gift card or two kicking around I could put towards the purchase.

But seriously - 'pretty things' why do you all have to make me want you so much?


  1. Oh the Rachel Comey heels! Be still my heart!

    You look fabulous in your outfit - the skirt is so much fun!

  2. Cute cute top - I love anything with ruffles! Those sunglasses are awesome but I won't let myself spend more than $10 on them - they all fall in the lake or I sit on them or break them in some way!

  3. Oh I love those heels!
    I really started shopping more once I started reading fashion blogs on a daily basis. It's been bad. You find out about all this stuff you didn't even know you needed!

    Chic on the Cheap