Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Linguini Incident

Sometimes minds just wander. Today I had a close friend on my mind, and in thinking about her I remembered some of the fun and crazy things we used to do - she now lives in the southernmost part of CA, it might as well be another country! I haven't seen her in ages. But I ramble. I remembered how we watched this fantabulous movie:

The Linguini Incident. I love it. I mean David Bowie, mugger-proof lingerie, Dee-Lite hairdo's, and two vintage clothes lovin' NYC gals trying to attain their dreams - what's not to love?

Don't judge it solely by the trailer:

Their outfits remind me of this:

Haha the 90's- sorry for that bit o' cheese - but I do love that hair - I totally remember rocking the no bangs stretchy cloth headband look.

Oh! And, since I am still playing catch up with the challenge here is
Challenge Outfit #9

I wasn't very comfy in this - maybe it was just my overall mood for today. The weather turned chilly again, and there were just too many things to do.

Top is by Dear Creatures, purchased from the lovely Le Train Bleu, a while back. Shorts, Anzevino and Florence, Tights from Longs? Belt is vintage, Shoes, Rachel Comey for UO.


  1. I love you top- I so want it! (because I do need to have three sheer white tops of course!)

    I've never seen that movie, but it looks fun, I'll have to put it on the netflix queue.

  2. hehe - it is fun-pretty cheesey- but that's the fun of it : )

    ANd, I know what you means about blogs making you want things! It's hard! Mostly I just oogle at peoples things and tell myself sternly that I don't need it- but um, apparently I don't listen to myself very well!

  3. I love this look - seems like something you'd see people wearing in the spring in Cape Cod! I've never heard of that movie - but if Bowie's in it, I'm there!

  4. : ) That's funny I used to live on the Cape

    ANd- yes yes- for Bowie movies.