Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From My Closet: Comfort Zone

Not quite spring. I have seen many people outside with bare legs, short skirts and shorts ??? I just don't understand that - I mean it's not December weather, but to be comfortable I still need to wear tights and a coat - I did go sans coat for taking these pictures of course- but, I slipped it on before heading out for groceries. Yummy foods and lost tonight!

Peter pan collar blouse - vintage
Dress- Anthropologie
Tights- Target?
Crochet Socks - from a shop in Japan. For some reason I bought lots of socks when I was teaching there- I think like 90% of my sock stockpile is from Japan.
Boots- Frye

1 comment:

  1. 45 degrees is not spring weather in my book either! I'm still full on winter sweaters and wool coats.

    the grey dress is really cute!
    and i'm a week behind on lost now, i need to catch up!