Monday, April 12, 2010

Winter is Back

Right now I am wearing my warmest PJ's enjoying some chocolate and watching Spice World. Two words, Big Shoes! Did you think I was going to say Girl Power? I really am a goofball. Need more proof?

What I wore today to keep warm:

Sweater Dress - BR only 20 bucks.
Scarf - Topshop bought this puppy when I was studying in London since the scarf I brought with me from home was stolen! er, pickpocketed? pick-scarfeted?
Booties - Vintage. I finally got the buckle on them fixed.
Hat - Karmaloop (gift)

Fun fact: Did you watch The Wire? Dominic West, who plays Jimmy McNulty has a bit part in Spice World.


  1. I am dying over that hat. So cute.

  2. That dress looks lovely on you and I love the wacky hat!