Friday, May 14, 2010

Mociun and No Commotion?

A little while back I posted about the search and then the acquiring of this little Mociun dress. Today was the first day I wore it out and about. I wish I could say I did something more exciting in this special little dress - but all I did was go to work and a Dr.'s appointment - then down to the video store.

Oh! but I did get to eat the most delicious vegan flourless chocolate cake- I guess that's special enough.

I am experimenting with different ways of styling this. You can actually tuck the hem of the skirt under and make it a mini bubble skirt -which would look cute to wear out to a gallery event with some black leggings and the right wedges or heels. Also, you can play around with the tie front. I may try wearing a belt with this leaving the tie front un-tied.

This dress is definitely going with me to Los Angeles when I go down in June to visit my sister.
I hope to come back with some great pictures, because she is a professional photographer.

While I am by no means a glamour queen - I love visiting my sis and dashing around LA pretending to be a little glamorous. We get to go shopping (though mostly window) and then drink fruit flavored Martini's in Santa Monica, Oh- and don't get me started on the great little out of the way restaurants. I hope that we get to stop by the new Babycakes bakeshop as well.


  1. what at cute dress, I love that you can change it up, you should show it off in all the different ways.

    Flour-less chocolate cake..... ooh what yum...

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. great dress! It does deserve a semi-glamourous event!

  3. That is lovely! I normally prefer tight dress, but this one is so cute!!!

  4. Cute cute dress and I love the round sunnies!