Monday, July 19, 2010

Birds, Pins, Rings

I've always been into delicate 'nature' inspired looking jewelry. I recently discovered Yayoi Forest - the designs are so simple and so pretty...

Just the name evokes the type of things they create, twig bracelets and branch earrings... It's all so lovely.

I wish that they had some pretty bird inspired pieces - I'm on the hunt for vintage bird rings (and more bird pins), but it's hard to find ones that aren't covered in rhinestones or that weigh a ton.

Bird Pin!

This pin, is quite possibly my favorite piece of jewelry.

Today, has been a pretty long day - but I really liked my outfit and was comfortable in it - It's amazing that something as simple as liking what you're wearing can keep you in a good mood when everything else is just plain cruddy.

I hope that your Monday(s) were - well, less Monday-like.

From my closet:
Sunnies are Cheap Monday, the blazer is from UO, the dress is Built By Wendy - from their online sample sale, the bird pin is a find from Alameda Flea years and years ago. The belt is from UO as are the shoes (which I had resoled last weekend yeay!) and the Fan ring is from the Philippines




  1. Oh, yes, little nature jewelry is always a great find. I relocated a leaf pin that I'd lost some years ago. I'm just waiting for fall weather to come around to wear it.

    I love, love, love your outfit. That dress is so adorable, and I really like how you paired the blues in this outfit with brown. They make one another pop.

  2. I love bird jewelry too. and the little knot ring is adorable. Perhaps I'll make one mine soonish. I've become more of a ring person as of late.

    I love your dress and blazer, is it cool enough to wear the blazer outside of work/air conditioning?

    My monday wasn't too interesting. I didn't have work, so I watched true blood and read blogs and then my day slipped away.

    Chic on the Cheap

  3. Thank you!

    Tamara- leaves! love it. I fee0 like it's fall out right now... : )

    Lyddie, it's pretty chilly here (I should know better after almost 5 years of living out here)that summer in the bay area doesn't come until September.
    : (

  4. What a lovely dress, you look like a piece of pottery. You know, a nice piece of Wedgewood china.

  5. Hey you! Followed you here from Flickr, since your outfits inspire me & we seem to have a lot in common. Your marinated tofu sandwich looks amazing, never thought to make a sandwich with it! I'm vegetarian at the moment but currently doing my research to make the transition to veganism, YAY!

    You also appear to have excellent music taste, high fives for your 'awesome'. OH & AMELIE = ♥

    Hahaha & I looked at your info, & realised you are already following my blog LMAO, I didn't realise who it was! Small world. (I'm super irregular & too lazy to make it pretty etc etc, but I gonna try & get better in the near future!)

  6. What a dress! Gotta love those sample sales!
    those rings are darling, I am going to go check them out now!

    xo Lynzy

  7. Your bird pin is adorable! And I agree that it's tough to find simple little vintage pins. I also really love the bow ring that you posted.

    You look so pretty, and your outfit makes me wish the weather was cooler here; I'd love to pull out my blazers and cardigans!

  8. Wow I LOVE that BBW dress. I loved her whole collection this year, actually. All the prints reminded me of my time in Provence.