Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who Are You?

Saturdays are never as long as they should be, it seems that summer weekends just fly by - I guess the 'lazy days of summer' don't apply to 9 to 5 office working folk. Sigh.

We did get out to see Inception - and to be honest the film less than impressed me. I know, I know- it is supposed to be the film to see this summer, and it has had so many great reviews-perhaps I'm just not a Chris Nolan fan.

I guess I prefer quirkier movies, like the films of Wes Anderson, Michel Gondry and Jean- Pierre Jeunet- My top two favorite movies being Rushmore and Amelie.

I'd love to know what your favorite films are.

I spent part of the day listening to some of my favorite albums. Among them was an amazing 1964 first press that I miraculously found in London, that I carried on the plane ride home protecting it for dear life. The tunes have been stuck in my head as have the cool fashions of the day - And so, today's outfit is brought to you by ...

The High Numbers

Better known as ...

The High Numbers

The High Numbers

Top is Built by Wendy, the shorts are from UO. Shoes via Action is the Fruit on Etsy. Shades are Cheap Mondays.


  1. The B&W pictures look great (as does your outfit).
    I don't think of myself as a Chris Nolan fan but I surprised myself by liking "The Prestige" enough to watch it twice. It's hard for me to pic favorite movies, but I'm usually most struck with movies with pretty strong political overtones: Brazil, Pan's Labyrinth, Matewan, or anything by Mike Leigh or Ken Loach.

  2. I love that song by the High Numbers- i haven't heard of them before (i think my parents used to have loads of records in the 60's but sadly they gave them all away before i was born- sob!)

    I agree with Rad_In_Brooklyn, Brazil is one of my fave films too (although i love anything a bit 1984-esque) and i also love Une Femme est une Femme, which i still have on VHS from my college days

    Oh and i am doing very badly at planning my US trip! I have been so busy at work but i am putting aside lots of time this week to do some reserch - finally! xx

  3. Rad! I loved Pan's Labyrinth- I think that(aside from Hellboy 2) I like Del Toro's movies.

    Kathy, Une Femme est Une Femme is great! I still have a few VHS movies even though we only use our dvd player. : )

  4. I know, summer weekends go by in a blink!

    Both Memento and The Prestige are on my absolutely did not like list. They fail to meet my biggest requirement for a movie, and that is, to leave me smiling.

    Maybe some of the most 'critically acclaimed' award winning films are serious, dark and heavy - and I suppose they are good, but I can't justify spending two hours of my life on something that is going to leave me feeling depressed and resenting humanity.

    To that end, some of my favorite movies include The Princess Bride, Back to the Future, Run Lola Run, Howl's Moving Castle and I recently saw Knight and Day, and I really enjoyed that.

  5. Lyddie! WE just watched My Neighbor Totoro last night and now really want to see Howl's Moving Castle. Did you watch Totoro?

  6. I did, it's so cute! I've seen all of Miyazaki's films except the newest, ponyo. I love them, the animation and story lines are always so beautiful.