Monday, July 12, 2010

Crazy Hair

Like most of us I go through an inner monologue of whether or not to cut my hair short or leave it long. To cut, or not to cut... It's so hard to decide!

Here are some hair "looks" I won't be sporting anytime soon.
Animal hair hats. Yes, this is a real thing.

Sky high hair - bigger and badder than 50's beehives and B52's.


block hairstyle


Last, but not least, the mullet.


I'd love to dig up some old photos of my bad kid and teen hair days to share - I had my not so proud moments- the purple hair, the stripe-y dye job, the short platinum blond pixie cut - not the best looks on me.

Another Monday down. Hope that you all had a good one.


  1. great posts...the one with the dog is just too funny.hope that's a wig though!
    the first two pictures with the animals and intriguing, there's another one with a bear on the same model whos in the first picture....


  2. Awww uncle Jessie!!!
    John stamos's hair has improoved and he's still really handsome...

    The elephant is actually really cool. For, um, Halloween.

  3. @Abigail - I though these were so funny. I mean high fashion hair is understandable, but this was over the top : )

    @Lyddie - yes! His hair has improved. I think everyone's hair has improved from its 90's incarnations :)

  4. eww, those animal hair hats kind of make me want to puke.

  5. @ pineapplemint - hahaha I know! It just makes you wonder - why? Who thought this was a good idea?

  6. oh man I just waxed on about this too a little bit...

    I havent had a haircut in over a year..so Im going to tough it out for the summer! but will be rockin braids, buns, and ponytails most of the time :) and hiding scissors

  7. Haha, the animal hair hats are so funny. I'm always indecisive too, as to whether to cut my hair or grow it!


  8. Those first pics are crazy!

    I really need a hair cut/dye too, I'm just too used to my long hair to go for anything drastic though (i remember cutting my hair into a bab when i was about 15 and then instantly regretting it!) x