Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Wardrobe Challenge: The Beginning

I thought this may be time for a round-up. Here are the four pieces I've chosen for my summer wardrobe challenge. I started the challenge to get out of a styling rut with four of my favorite pieces. I tend to create one outfit and stick with it- without ever mixing it up. Boring, I know- and I've used lack of time to get dressed in the morning as an excuse for way too long. I'm one of those people that needs a clear cut goal in order to move into action - so here we are.

The goal is to create four different outfits with each of the four pieces chosen - So, 16 outfits total.Whoa.


The lace trim blouse.

summer remix challenge item 2

The colorful skirt.


The button up pencil skirt


The bow blouse.

Is anyone else on a summer style mission?

I didn't take any outfit photos this weekend, but I was rather productive in conducting another closet sweep. I finally let go of many items that I kept around for sentimental reasons, and I brought a few pairs of shoes to be re-soled.

I have also gone a little bit overboard with the closet organizing videos below. I found them to be helpful - and the biggest thing I took away from them was the idea to make your closet not only functional, but pretty as well. So, as Judith would say -"Enjoy!"


  1. I love the four pieces you've chosen, and I think its so good to go through and assess what you've been wearing and what you've been neglecting.

    I have so much I need to wear. And I think that will be my goal, to just put on things that I haven't in a while. It's so easy and natural to just want to wear the same pieces and outfits, you know they work, you like them, why not?!

    I did go through my closet a bit. I didn't find anything else I can bear to get rid of (unfortunately) but I did reorganize a bit. So that will be nice and clean for about a day.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I have the same problem... It would probably help if I had a few more separates--they're just not as much fun to buy as dresses! :)

  3. I love your outfits, especially the colourful skirt and the lace blouse. It's making me envious of your summer!

  4. Oooh, fun! I could use a challenge like this, but I stink at taking pictures of myself and am usually smeared with baby food by 9AM, so I won't play along. I'll be inspired by your choices, though.