Thursday, July 15, 2010

Food for Fashion

I think I've been inspired - and lately have been trying my hand at creating vegan recipes. Maybe you can only read so many cookbooks before it starts to influence you. I am loving it!

If only there was more time in a day to try new techniques and combine different flavors. Yes, I am like a gleeful mad scientist in the kitchen, fingers tented while pondering which spice to reach for next.

Tonight I made a marinated tofu sandwich, with an almost pesto (vegan of course) topped it off with sun dried tomatoes fresh basil and baby spinach. I picture this paired with a greens and artichoke heart salad tossed in a bit of sesame oil and a squeeze of lemon. But, we did not have sesame seed oil. Mario made some baked fries instead. And I added a little bunch of grapes.

This is what it looked like at the table.

Marinated Tofu Sammich


Most of us love good food, and most of us love fashion. (If you're reading a style blog I'm assuming you at least have some interest in fashion) While food and fashion can go hand in hand- a well catered fashion related party, 'hip' restaurants full of the well to do and fashionable, arty photographs where dresses and headpieces are made of fruits and vegetables etc. - sometimes though, it is just not a good idea...mmhmm those are 'baguette hats'.



Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Fall 2009 collection via Eat Me Daily.


Jeremy Scott's 'Food Fight' collection via the interwebs...


  1. The sandwich looks so delicious! I used to go on a macrobiotic diet (a kind of vegan...do you know of it?) and had to stop it for some reasons but I still love (and miss) how creative vegan recipes can be :)


  2. Well you know, you are walking down the road, you get a little hungry so you reach up and take a bite out of your hat...

    Your vegan recipes sound so tasty, only I think I'd like the presence of cheese. I adore cheese. All kinds, all the time.

  3. Oh man, that sandwich looks like the bomb. I really need to get a blender so I can make pesto and spreads... I feel like that would make my experience as a part-time vegan even better. :D

    Those outfits are terrible! I feel so bad for the egg girl! >D

  4. That's a tasty looking sandwich. How long have you been a vegan? I stopped eating meat about six years ago, but still eat fish now and then.

  5. Mario's a good man with his oven fries. And that is one delicious looking sandwich.
    I kind of like that egg outfit. Sometimes, I just want to put on a purposefully round top/dress/coat.