Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little Italy

There are some films out there that are just magic when it come to the styling like The Brothers Bloom. I became obsessed with trying to emulate that style - A while back I watched the film The Talented Mr. Ripley and completely fell in love with the movie wardrobe. What I loved was not the full skirted prim 50's dresses that the women wore- but the slacks, blazers, and loafers that the men wore while living the life of leisure in Italy.



I have some other pictures and info. about the movie posted here.

I couldn't really find many pictures of the film, but while searching I did learn that (and get ready for this) Gwyneth Paltrow has a blog! How did I not know this? I love her. She is definitely a classy lady - with great taste - and she speaks fluent Spanish, a fact I only recently learned from my sister (my sister and I both speak Spanish) when Ms. Paltrow was on a Food Network show - cooking tour of Spain. Anyway, her blog is called Goop. You better believe I signed up for the newsletter. I love her style tips and reviews of cookbooks - I think I was up all night reading them, as I am a cookbook addict!

For the clothes, here is the Talented Mr. Ripley inspired outfit that I put together.

Little Italy

Little Italy

Sunnies- Cheap Monday, Blazer -Gap, floral top - Built by Wendy, trousers and belt Zara, Shoes vintage via Action is the Fruit on Etsy.

I think I like it. The color scheme reminds me of recent APC collections, and the overall look is borrowed from the boys, without being too masculine. This top and blazer could also work equally as well tucked into a high waisted pencil skirt.

Mario and I are off to run errands and then spend the rest of the day being lazy around the house, and maybe looking up restaurants to try when we are in Portland. Vacation is just around the corner!

Hope that you are all having a great Saturday!


  1. I loved the styling of the brothers bloom... A bit Steampunk and very cool.
    I love your look, the trousers are fabulous.

  2. what a lovely outfit - SO cool - love the pants.

  3. Eeeep! You look great. I'm planning to try out some menswear inspired outfits once I find a suitable pair of trousers. But here's the thing: I'm a style blogger who dislikes shopping. Weirdsies!

  4. I love this so much Suzz! Will you please upload this to the 'customer appreciation' section of my shop. I want this photo next to those shoes. oh, so cute!

    still sad about the black pair. i'm guessing they never arrived. :(