Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Win it!

This has been an exhausting past couple of weeks at work - sometimes that is just how it goes, and things will pretty much be busy until I go on vacation in August. Phew! So, I apologize for short posts and lack of comments lately. I will do my best not to slack off on the blog.

Remember, that for the month of July there will be several chances to enter to win this Liberty of London for Target dress.

If you haven't already entered, you may do so here.

My summer style challenge continues, and here is item #3 of 4 to remix. This little blue & ivory striped top came from Anthropologie a year or so ago. I love it, but feel like I need to change-up how I wear it (which is usually with jeans).



Belt is from a pair of Zara pants, trousers from Le Train Bleu, shoes Vintage via Action is the Fruit on Etsy.


  1. This is adorable! I love the blouse and the necklace! And the shoes and the pants and the belt... I guess everything. :D

  2. I like how your wear pants! And whenever I see you wearing Anthropologie stuff, I feel like going there!


  3. White Lacey tops are always so cute, and the bow necklace is so adorable!

    I'm also kinda loving terribly long belts being looped and knotted.

  4. I saw a girl remix a top like this by wearing it under a strapless dress! gonna have to try it myself