Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wear to work - and LaMixx feature

Today was a very strange day - our entire office was sent home early due to the possibility of riots. It's long distressing story that I'd rather not get into, but if you are curious you can read about it here.

It was overall just a cold, grey, and rather miserable day - until I got home that is. I made a delicious potato soup, and am now watching the tube with Mario and the kitten. That makes any day a-okay in my book.

Here is what I wore to work:
Item #4 of 4 in my summer style challenge the 'bow' blouse from Dear Creatures. I am also wearing a blazer from UO, the trousers are from Zara - as is the belt, and the shoes are from Target.



I am also quite flattered to have been written up in a little blurb on the LaMixx blog. I never expected anything like this, and I am so thrilled because I love Jaque's designs.


  1. potatoes sound good, both in soup and on the couch.

    I like the proportions of this look, the high trousers, the long blazer, the length of the bow -- the pieces are classic but the style is... I want to say funky, but with a better adjective that I can't think of.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. This outfit is beautiful. It's got a refined 70s vibe? I agree with LyddieGal. I'd say that it's edgy with all the different textures and lengths, while still being classic.
    Glad that the soup, kitties, and time with your fella made up for an icky day!
    Congrats on the write up.

  3. Thank you ladies. I'm still curled up on the couch- gah! just one of those days.

    @Rad, yes there is a 70's ish vibe about it- though in the morning I just kind of grabbed whatever was office appropriate : )

  4. Love that blouse! This outfit does have a 70s vibe--a little bit Annie Hall!

  5. I hope everything is ok over there, i was reading about it on the tube on my way home from work.

    And i'm glad it's not just me that thinks Chictopia is a bit weird, i feel like i'm just clicking randomly all over the place.

    Oh and i love the outfit- i really want to get some pants like that xx

  6. You look super duper! Hope you have a relaxing weekend and don't get caught up in any troubles.

  7. What can I say...I LOVE this look! especially the blouse. and I've seen simlilar trousers on other bloggers, also from zara but I can't find them in the shop..hmm

    And thx for the comment on my blog :)

    Songs and Fairy Tales