Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Excitement makes it hard to work...

In just a two weeks and two days it will be my birthday and we go on our NYC trip. I am unbelievably excited as the last couple of times I was in "la gran Manzana" I had to work. This will be a whirlwind trip (only four days!) but, we get to do whatever we choose! So I am busy planning an itinerary. There is just SO MUCH I am having a hard time deciding! If you are in the NYC area do you have any suggestions on what you absolutely must see and do?

I am also hoping to do a bit of shopping, and of course lots and lots of eating! We're also planning to spend a day in Connecticut to go apple picking and get some fresh cider - as that is something I used to do as a kid up in new Hampshire - and I'd like to share that little bit of autumn tradition with Mario.

It's hard to keep on thinking about fall things as we are in meltdown mode here- it was 90 degrees today and most likely will be the same tomorrow. I'll never get used to warm Thanksgivings and cold Fourth's of July!

Here is one shop I'd like to check out on our trip...

Laurel Canyon Vintage

I can't wait.


  1. Hooray! Unfortunately, I have no suggestions as I've never been to NYC. Just have a cider for me!

  2. Sounds fun! We had to postpone our NYC trip (which was scheduled for this weekend, actually) until spring, so I'll have to travel vicariously through you :)

  3. That vintage shop looks so cute! How fun would it be to map out a whole bunch and spend a day visiting them?

    Last time I was in NYC I went to Chelsea to see some the art galleries open to the public. There was some interesting stuff.

    And once I went to a restaurant where much of the menu is chocolate themed, it's called Max Brenner and is in Union Square.

    SoHo is a really cool area too ---
    I'm sure there will no shortage of fun things to do!

  4. Ohmygosh, your post just got me all excited about your trip to NYC. I'm sure you will have an awesome time and take heaps of pics! What a fun birthday you will have. Hooray for holidays!

  5. For food, I thoroughly recommend The Candle Cafe and Gobo. For shopping, I always have good luck at Buffalo Exchange, and the Williamsburg Beacon's Closet is amaaaaazing.

    Have fun!

  6. Awesome, I just got back from my birthday trip to NYC. I didn't really make an itinerary, I just knew that I wanted to see Wicked, walk through Central Park and shop at Zara. :P I know you'll have a lot of fun!!

  7. The American Museum of Natural History is my favorite place ever! During my trip to NYC this summer I saw Billy Elliot and it was awesome (but I'm a Broadway dork)!

  8. There are so many shops, dude. Laurel Canyon is kind of spendy!

    I agree with WIW - Beacons and Buffalo are my favorites to hit up. I usually have more luck at the Park Slope Beacons but I am also there more often. (They have different owners.)

    Not that I support zoos but if you're in Central Park by the Delacortes Clock @ 2pm, that's when the sea lions are fed and you should have a clear view.

    I know I already vouched for Blossom, but Candle 79 does have a GF menu. I do like Blossom better than Candle, if I had to choose.

    Also good in Bklyn or Manhattan is Snice:
    (There are now 3, 2 in Manhattan)

    You can get gf vegan mac here:
    I've only been once and it was good but sweet.

    I also like Curlys.

  9. Oh my god you lucky little thing! I'm going to NYC next year.. and even though it's so far away can't stop thinking about it!


  10. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I just can't wait!!

    @Lyddie we are hoping to go to the museums and maybe pop into a gallery or two : )

    @ what I wore & Jesse - I def. plan to go to the restaurants you suggested mmm. and to beacons I expected that the Laurel canyon shop would be $$$ but maybe just maybe there will be something amazing that's not too $$$. Honestly I've been saving for sometime just for this trip so I may splurge on something but I may end up just spending all my $$ on food!: )

    @ Prettyinpdx - We are going to walk through central parh for certain

    @ futurelint the museum is on our list.

    I just hope we have time to get to everything!