Friday, October 15, 2010


I recently watched the 'slight' comedy Untitled. It's a comedic take/ look into the contemporary art scene in New York City. If you've ever studied art history, or just enjoy quirky films about odd characters- and poking fun at pretentiousness, you may like this film. I enjoyed it, and as a girl who studied art history and well, a girl who knows a lot of 'art-y' people this film hit close to home.

And, because I always look at things through a fashion lover's gaze I couldn't help but find myself madly in love with Gallery owner Madeline Grey's mod-art wardrobe. I could not find any photos on the interwebs - so I took some screen shots - not great photos, so I really recommend watching the film to get a better idea of what her outfits were like. I completely aspire to dressing like this when I am older - yes, I want to be that quirky fashionable older lady that attends writer's lectures and art galleries and has loads of artists friends. Ha.



The glasses. The earrings. I just love this.


Yes, they are standing in the middle of an art exhibit.






Her accessories throughout the entire film were sculptural and just amazing.

Funny timing - that we should watch this film before going to an art opening this weekend in San Luis Obispo. Mario's grandmother is a painter, and the museum there is adding one of her pieces to it's collection and they will be exhibiting her work.

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. How cool! Though I must say, whatever is in the background of the first picture is pretty distracting.

    This weekend I have rehearsals and plans with friends. I'd imagine it'll be a pretty pleasant weekend, all in all!

  2. this looks cute! I'll have to find it, galleries always just seem so awkward to me. So I cant imagine how they conveyed it in a movie

  3. Why wait - she is so quirky and fun! That metal necklace is amazing!!

    the opening sounds fun, hope you have a great time!

  4. This movie looks fun. I'll have to put it on my queue!