Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Shoes

I'm always on the look out for new vegan shoes - It seems that there is not a lot out there that fits my style so, I generally end up getting vintage/thrifted non-vegan shoes - That's why I love when I can find a stylish collection of animal and earth friendly shoes like Cri de Coer. I blogged about Cri de Coer when their last Collection came out for spring. These shoes are really well made and definitely the most stylish vegan shoes I've seen.

Here are some shoes from their Fall '10 collection:

The clogs remind me of the Rachel Comey shoes I've seen.

And, those ankle boots are so classic, and great for those of us that don't do heels.


  1. The clogs & those ankle boots are my favorite. Excellent shoes!!

  2. Cuuuuute. I especially love those flats!

  3. I love both pairs of boots. wish they would find their way to my closet...