Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Horror!

Oh yeah! Halloween is coming! I love this time of the year - sitting on the couch watching cheesy horror movies and jumping at cheap scare tactics - I swear it's the music and sound effects that really make horror flicks scary.

When I was little my parents made me watch this French tv show for kids (oh yeah they wanted me to be multi-lingual at an early age - It worked for Spanish, but my French is so poor that unless I go back to France soon... I'll end up speaking French like a toddler - which is funny since I can read French with no probs. it's the speaking that's tough!) But anyway, these guys used to scare me...

Odd then, that I should like this dress by Vessels...

Yes, that's a 'spine' print. Weird, but somehow cool.


  1. oh dear, that was funny! As soon as you mentioned that the print was "spines", a slight pukey feeling came over me. I'm very squeamish at the moment.

  2. Wait... what is french, or educational about singing and dancing and drum playing and sky diving skeletons?
    The pineapple worries me as well.
    I might have nightmares now.

    If it wasn't a spine, I might be okay with it, but yeah, the thought is irksome.

  3. Yeah it's funny - like you look at it and are like oh that's a cool dress --- then you read that it's a print of spines or spinal cord? what now?

    I'm not edgy enough to pull this off guys - but for some reason I'm drawn to it.