Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pumpkin Files


Last night's dinner: mole with pumpkin and roasted corn - cashew cream with pomegranate seeds, avocado, and a side of black beans with brown rice.

I'm trying to experiment with different pumpkin recipes while it's pumpkin season. This mole was especially awesome as was the cashew cream. And, it was all easy to make too!

I'll have to try bit harder to post pics of any recipes I cook up - I haven't been very good at photographing our meals since, by the time food is ready to eat I'm too hungry to mess around with the camera and making it all look pretty on a plate.

Please, let me know if you've got any great pumpkin recipes that you'd like to share. I'm going to try my hand at either pumpkin pancakes or pumpkin curry this weekend.


  1. YUM. You should definitely put up a recipe for the mole. Pumpkin is one of my favorite things--pumpkin curry soup is the bomb, no lie.

  2. Delicious looking. We've been eating loads of gourds over here as well (CSA drop) but mostly plain or with coconut oil. I'd love to see the recipe as well!

  3. that looks sooooooooooooooo good! What is a mole?

  4. Thanks all : ) I'll get it together to type up the recipe this weekend. Work has been so busy lately and I get home dead tired and a lil' bit lazy to do much! :)

    @ Teeny- mole is a yummy Mexican sauce that is made with chilies and lots of spices and chocolate! There are all kinds of mole sauces - some with out chocolate - some that are richer or spicier than others. Usually it's served with meat. I served mine with the Pumpkin :)

  5. Tasty! I made a pumpkin pie last night. However, I've never eaten pumpkin pie so I don't know if it turned out right or not!

  6. This looks delish. How does the cashew cream work? Do you need a food processor?

    I make an excellent spicy pumkin soup! I also sometimes make pumpkin and goats cheese fritters (not suitable for you obvs), but they never turn out frittery, just a big yummy pupkin mess!

  7. Your presentation here looks delightful - and I know what you mean, who wants to take photos while dinners getting cold?

  8. Wow!! I really suck at cooking with pumpkin, but this looks so beautiful that you're inspiring me to try again!

  9. That plate looks amazing. I've never tried mole before- but after seeing that plate, I really want to try!